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This is the most secure and reliable financial community.
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Grow your Recharge card by 50% and enjoy instant cash back from N200‎ - N20,000
Duration: Maximun of 2 hours payment
Limit: Once per user in 24hours (for all membe‎rs)
Note: You will only be matched to receive recharge card with the phone number you registered with, also you can only use the network of your phone number to send recharge card (i.e. if your registered phone number is MTN, you can only send MTN recharge card)
Payment methods allowed: Zoto app, Bank Recharge, Atm Recharge, Quickteller and Transfer ‎from sim.
All networks are accepted
You can as well refer your friends for 25 percent of their Recharge sow

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You need to register before you can sow and reap. Once your registration is successful, you will get 20% (registration bonus) of your capital immediately after your payment is confirmed (That is if you sow 200,000 naira for example and your payment is confirmed you can harvest 240,000 naira immediately just once for all members and note this is just for first timer only) or 50% in 11 days using one of the 3 sowing methods specified - Cash or Recharge card or Bitcoin for existing members.
Multiple account creation is highly prohibited. Any member found to be operating more than one account will be banned for a month.
Please be contended and be wise!

You are not limited to making money from your own investment alone, you are entitled to 10% of your downlines' (those that registered under you) capital

You can become a guider within 3 months of non-negative report - you are not reported for posting fake receipt (POP) and you have all your lifelines intact

In other to maintain strict compliance with the rules of this community, thereby promoting integrity and transparency, we provide every member with 3 lifelines => healthy smileyhealthy smileyhealthy smiley which get reduced whenever you are reported negatively. Your account will be blocked once your lifelines have been exhausted and for you to be unblocked, you need to pay N10, 000 (ten thousand naira) to purchase the lifelines you exhausted . Question?

my name is ayo adebowale and i joined on 13th of august and sowed 100,000 and to my amazement i got help same day of 120,000 infact the sender didnt waste time in sending i really must say this community is amazing and pray for long life.amen
i am chuwuemeka from abia and i am not new to this wonderful community,i sowed 200,000 on 2nd of october an requested to harvest today 13th of october and all the cash has been received i recommend this community 100%
my name is adeola williams from lagos,i sowed 30,000 on 12th of october as a new member and harvested 36,000 on 13th.thanks for bringing back our lost hope on ponzi
i am sunmola shokunbi from ogunstate and i got all my sow paid to me today 13th of october,100,000 grew to 120,000 under 12 hours wow i am thrilled to have received the alert well nairatree is the best to me.thanks
my name is oladele osho from lagos i have just been paid 360,000 naira for sowing 300,000 on 12th of october 2017 and received payment on 13th october 2017 around prayer has been answered o....join this community fast fast to earn instant cash.thank you nairatree i cannot wait to be a guider here
my name is Udegbulam Abazu from portharcourt nigeria and i sow 600,000 on 12th of october and harvested 720,000 cash today 12th of october 2017 as a new member,the money have been fully paid into my bank account thank you nairatree may the tree not fall forever, long live nairatree
My names are adeola nafisat from oyo and I was introduced to nairatree that i should sow with my spare money so I sowed 10,000 in nairatree on 11th of october 2017 and reaped 12,000,today 12th of october 2017 and I have been fully paid, thank you nairatree even though am new i feel a great c hange is here through nairatree
My names are Taye Asere from ilesha and I joined nairatree and i sow with my spare money so I sowed 50,000 in nairatree on 12th of october 2017 and reaped 60,000 today 12th of october 2017 and I have been paid, God bless you nairatree.
Good day i am oladele Alex from eleyele street ibadan oyo state, i sow #400,000 on 11-10-2017 and harvest 480,000 immediately i was confirmed on 12-10-2017,thank you nairatree am really happy i took the risk and you people don't turn me down, you are the best nairatree, long live nairatree.
my name is Afolabi Oluwakemi from ife i sow on 25,000 on 01-10-2017 and i reap 37,000 on 12-10-2017, with the way nairatree is going i think it will help the community this time.Naira tree is the best i love you nairatree.
My Name is Ojibere Ramotah from ilawe in Ekiti State Nigeria I sow #120,000 on the 31/09/2017 and harvested #180,000 today 12/10/2017 am very happy to a member God blessed all participants of Nairatree. Thanks to nairatree and longlive.
Hello my name is Tolani Ajayi from Shagamu Nigeria, I sow 52k in 27th july 2017 and harvest 62,400 in 12th october 2017, I want to say I have not see any community as nairatree.thanks to you nairatree together we change the Nation my name is Adeloye Olayemi i sow #4000 Glo on 1st of october 2017 and reaped #6000 recharge card,12th august 2017, nairatree is really great, i love you nairatree .
My name is Babalola‎ deborah from lagos I sowed 500,000 on 1st of october 2017 and harvested 750,000 on 13th october 2017, I am really Happy to have all my money received and i say may you live long Nairatree. my name is Olorunfemi Beatrice from Ondo, I provided 6,000 recharge card on 31st of september 2017 and got 9,000 recharge card on the 12th of october 2017, and i am happy,God bless nairatree.
My name is Adewunmi Funmi‎ from nigeria, I sow 620,000 on 31st sept 2017 and harvested 930,000 on 12th oct 2017 and I have received it.naira tree is the best community i have ever seen, longlive nairatree.<`hr width="50%" /> My name is Idris Olakunle from ekiti state,i sow 80,000‎ on 1-10-2017 and I harvested 120,000 naira on 12-10-2017,may Allah bless nairatree and may this community last for years
My name is Olome Solomon, i am ‎ from warri Nigeria, I sowed #7,000 card on 12 10 2017 and harvested #8,000 on 12 10 2017 and I am happy also still have 400 naira balance lol.thanks Nairatree.
my name is Dunsi Opawale, i sow 30,000 0n 2017-8-12 and harvested 36,000 on 2017-10-12, i am really happy and i will tell people around me to join, thanks to you nairatree i love nairatree, long live nairatree.<`hr width="50%" /> I'm Peter from Osun State. I sowed #33,000 on 31st september 2017 and reap #49,000 on the 12th august,2017. Long live NairaTree.
My name is Helen, on the 12/10/2017 I provided help of 10,000 which was duely paid & confirm, on the 12/10/2017 same day I got help of 12,000 as my registration bonus, nairatree is the best.
my name is shoye emmanuel from ondo,State Nigeria .i sow #65000 on 12th of october 2017,and i reap a sum of 78,000 on same day being my first sow.Naira tree is the best oooo. am so happy to be a participant of naira Tree.long live Nairatree Nigeria.this is my testimony i love you guys very well,i heart you so much.
Hello, My name is Hassan from Maiduguri Borno State Nigeria I sowed 124000 Naira on on 1st of october 2017 and I Harvest 186,000 on 12th of october 2017 Nairatree paid all thanks to them i am free from debt. God bless nairatree participant. good day
i am olaide Giwa from ibadan and i provided 400,000 on 11th of october 2017 and received 480,000 on 12th of october 2017.thank you nairatree am really glad i took the risk and you people turn out to be honest and the best.
My name is kunle, on the 10/10/2017 I provided help of 70,000 which i paid & the receiver did not waste time in confirming and on the 12/10/2017 I got help of 84,000 which is my starters opportuinity, nairatree is a bae.
my name is adeoye sherifat i sow 2000 mtn on 1st of oct and got 3000 recharge card on 12th of oct,i can see the usefullness of nairatree is unlimited,keep it up.
my name is fatimo odetunde i provided cash of 30,000 0n 2017-10-31 and harvested 45,000 on 2017-10-12 i am happy and all my family will join and we will stay with nairatree forever we love nairatree for your honesty and quick response and care.